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  • Onroak Automotive became the first French constructor to win the Daytona 24 Hours when Speed Motorsports crossed the finishing line first with their Ligier JS P2-Honda
    Le Mans-based endurance race car designer, Onroak Automotive, recently secured famous victories in the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship with its LMP2 prototype race cars...
  • Accurately model real world road conditions using Exa simulations
    Exa's Dr. Brad Duncan is interviewed regarding how engineers can model ever-changing road conditions to best predict real-world performance using Exa's software, PowerFLOW, for accurate...
  • Early thermal evaluation through simulation can help identify optimum efficiency early in the development process
    Vehicles powered by internal combustion engines are seldom short of excess heat. In fact, Exa’s PowerFLOW® simulation software is often used by the world’s leading car manufacturers...
  • Simulation provides insight into fine details that physical prototypes cannot such as this underhood engine cooling airflow
    Exa’s Dr. Ales Alajbegovic discusses the limitations of vehicle physical testing. He describes how physical prototypes of vehicles are extremely expensive to produce and are often only...