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Mark Gleason | Automotive Aerodynamics Expert and Former Chrysler Director

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EV Aerodynamic Design
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  • Not so long ago summer would have triggered an annual boom in convertible sales across Europe. But the region has fallen out of love with the drop-top, and numbers have almost halved since 2003....
  • It’s July, and getting hotter every day. Spending time in the car can provide a welcome respite from the soaring temperatures outside. That said, a car’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (...
  • Exa Simulations Aide Complex Motorsports Engineering for Onroak Racecars
    The news out of Germany is that the owners of the Nürburgring have effectively banned timed runs, by insisting that manufacturers adhere to track speed limits. The desire to be fastest around...
  • Race car drivers feel the need for speed. Whether they’re hugging the curves at Circuit de la Sarthe or accelerating down the final stretch at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, race...