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Exa delivers patented,engineering (CFD/CAE) software solutions to enable and enhance our customer’s success in the global marketplace and committed to delivering products that are unparalleled for engineering design optimization. We encourage our employees to have a passion for learning, innovative thinking, ownership and personal achievement and we value people who work for the success of the customer, the success of the company, and the success of the team.


The backgrounds of our existing team reflect the best that the industry has to offer in the fields of physics, scientific programming and engineering. Our team has grown exponentially in the last several years and we strive to continue that growth by strategically identifying talented individuals who reflect the core values of our organization. We have offices in the US, Europe, Japan, Korea, and China. We offer competitive compensation and a dynamic, growing company environment.


If you are interested in employment with Exa, we want to hear from you. Please see the job postings below to submit your cv/resume for consideration.




Senior Software Engineer – Graphical Preprocessor Development – C++ - MA, USA


Principal Software Engineer - Graphical Preprocessor Development - C++  - MA, USA


Senior Software Engineers/Software Engineers - Application Development C++ - MA, USA


Senior Software Engineer - CFD Software Development – MA, USA


Senior Software Engineer - Scientific/Parallel Processing – MA, USA


Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer - MA, USA


Software Quality Assurance Engineer - MA, USA


Senior Physicist - Fluid Structure Interactions (FSI) - MA, USA


Physics  Computational Aeroacoustics (CAA) Validation Engineer - MA, USA


Thermal Validation Engineer - MA, USA


Director, Structural Dynamics Applications - Fluid Structure Interactions (FSI) - MI & MA, USA


Thermal Application Engineers - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) MI, USA


Principal Aeroacoustics Engineer - CA, USA


Aeroacoustics Application Engineer - MA, USA


Aeroacoustics Application Engineer Intern - CA, USA


Structural Analysis Application Engineer - Finite Element Analysis (FEA) - MA, USA


Aerodynamics Application Engineer- MA or MI, USA


Aerodynamics Application Engineer - MI, USA


Field Aerodynamics Application Engineer - CFD – MI, USA


Senior Field Aerodynamics Application Engineer (CFD) – MI, USA


Application Engineer Interns- Heavy Vehicles North America, MA & MI, USA


Application Engineers – Heavy Vehicles North America – MA & MI, USA


Application Engineers – Off Highway and Specialty Vehicles – MA & MI, USA


Senior Application Engineers – MA & MI, USA


Systems Modeling Engineer – MI, USA


IT Entry Systems Administrator or Intern [Windows/Linux] System Builds / Desktop Support - MA, USA


Application Engineer/Developer INTERN - Complex Fluids - CA, USA


Application Engineer - Petrophysics Simulation -  CA, USA


Software Engineer - Petrophysics Simulation - CA, USA







Application Engineer (CFD) - CHINA


Application Engineers – Yokohama, JAPAN


Senior Application Engineers –Yokohama, JAPAN





Senior Software Engineer - Visualization & Graphics, GERMANY


Application Engineer - UNITED KINGDOM


Application Engineer - Paris, FRANCE


Application Engineer, Munich, GERMANY


Application Engineer, Stuttgart, GERMANY


Geometry Expert, Stuttgart, GERMANY


Application Engineer Intern - Praktikant - (Mechanical/Aero Engineering), Stuttgart & Munich, GERMANY


Technical Account Manager, Stuttgart, GERMANY








How to Apply:

Please apply by contacting us at the email address listing in the job description.


Attach your CV or resume to your email and it will be submitted directly to the hiring manager.


Feel free to apply for multiple positions if you are interested and qualified.


Thank you for your interest in Exa Corporation!

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