Innovative Simulation-Driven Design Solutions for Product Engineering


Exa provides software products and services for simulation-driven design. Leading manufacturers use Exa’s fluid flow, heat transfer, and acoustic simulation solutions to optimize the performance of their products, reduce product development costs, and improve the efficiency of their design and engineering processes.


Simulation-driven design enables engineers to predict product performance early in the design process, reducing late-stage design changes and reducing or eliminating expensive physical prototypes and tests. Exa’s solutions encourage rapid iteration between design and analysis. They provide critical insight into how potential design variations impact the range of possible performance and enables the discovery of solutions that optimize the trade-offs between competing design and engineering constraints and requirements.

more...Exa provides solutions through its core product, PowerFLOW®, and a suite of related software products. PowerFLOW is an innovative, best-in-class software product for simulating fluid flow and heat transfer problems, including aerodynamics, thermal management, aeroacoustics, and climate control. PowerFLOW is based on an extended Lattice Boltzmann technology that Exa refers to as DIGITAL PHYSICS®. This inherently transient, inherently stable, patented technology enables PowerFLOW to predict fluid flow with a level of accuracy and insight into flow behavior better than possible with physical testing or traditional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods. With PowerFLOW, a single fully detailed geometric model and single physics model is used for all aerodynamic, aeroacoustic, and thermal simulations—an approach Exa calls TotalANALYSIS™ - saving engineering time and expense and allowing for cross-disciplinary trade-off analysis. Exa’s employees have significant transportation industry expertise and experience. This expertise has been used to develop applications designed to address specific engineering problems in the transportation market. These applications are thoroughly validated using an exhaustive set of experimental data. This expertise is also used to provide application-specific,  validated best practices and complete methodologies for implementation that enable customers to rapidly deploy the applications with confidence. Exa’s approach to simulation-driven design using DIGITAL PHYSICS, TotalANALYSIS, and a comprehensive set of validated applications enables accurate fluid flow, heat transfer, and acoustic simulation of complex designs to be performed early in the design process, in dramatically less time and at much lower cost.   x



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